Site closure notice

G&H is the world’s leading manufacturer of acousto-optic (AO) components, and the industrial laser business is our core market. In recent years this market has undergone radical change and consolidation. While demand for G&H’s AO products reached record levels in 2013, we have seen a significant shift in favour of products for industrial fiber lasers and a rapid reduction in the variety of products required by our customers. We do not anticipate that this shift will be reversed. These trends, combined with the improvements we have made to productivity and throughput, mean that we no longer need to maintain three separate, stand-alone facilities.

We have therefore decided to cease operations at our Melbourne, Florida, facility and consolidate our AO development and manufacturing at just two sites, one in the UK (Ilminster) and one in the USA (Palo Alto). This will allow us to continue to drive the improvements in productivity and throughput that have resulted in our market dominance.

This decision will have an impact on some, but not all of our customers. In many cases we have qualified and indeed supply from multiple facilities already. In other cases we will relocate existing production from Melbourne to either our Ilminster or Palo Alto facilities. We will notify customers individually if products they purchase from G&H are affected by this notice. Customers affected will be offered a variety of alternatives including last time buys, build to stock agreements or service from alternate location. In cases where G&H is its own dual source, we plan to qualify both Ilminster and Palo Alto to supply. In summary, G&H is committed to continuing to provide the high standard of products and support that they are accustomed to.

While this decision was not an easy one, it will strengthen G&H as a supplier moving forward. Should you have any question or concern regarding this decision or its implementation please call on me or my colleagues without hesitation.

Gareth Jones, CEO