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G&H acousto-optic technology launches into space on asteroid probe

Earlier today, 3 December, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) funded Hayabusa 2 asteroid exploration mission launched on a six year mission to collect geological samples...

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A New Component Toolbox for 2 Micron Fiber Lasers

Gooch & Housego now offers a full suite of passive and active components to enable high power, all-fiber laser systems at 2 µm for use in...

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Slowing Atoms to Accelerate Technology

Once the domain of the physicist, laser cooling and trapping of atoms is poised to escape the lab through a project led by Gooch & Housego....

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ISLA (Integrated disruptive componentS for 2 micron fibre LAsers) Project Concludes

Ilminster, 12 August 2015Gooch & Housego announces the conclusion of the ISLA (Integrated disruptive componentS for 2 µm fiber Lasers) project that started in October 2011...

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Gooch & Housego, the global optical components and systems manufacturer, are pleased to announce that a project in which they are the lead partner, has been...

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All-Fiber Widely Tunable Thulium Laser

We present results from an all-fiber thulium laser system that can be tuned to any wavelength between 1710 – 2110 nm, without using any moving mechanical...

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Acousto-Optic Devices for Operation with 2 μm Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers operating in the 2 µm region are of increasing interest for a range of applications, including laser machining and biomedical systems. The large mode area...

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Mid-IR Fused Fiber Couplers

We present results from our recent efforts on developing single-mode fused couplers in ZBLAN fiber. We have developed a custom fusion workstation for working with lower...

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