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Optical Coating - Glenrothes

Coatings Manager Gordon Latto introduces G&H (Glenrothes) e-beam based our infrared and visible coating capabilities....

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Single Point Diamond Turning - Glenrothes

We use single-point diamond turning (SPDT) to produce ultra precision infrared optical components such as infrared aspheric, diffractive and spherical optics and gratings....

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Magnetorheological Finishing - Glenrothes

When enhanced precision is required we employ MRF, complementing existing polishing capabilities for surface correction for ultra precision optics....

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Optical Manufacturing Metrology - Glenrothes

Watch how we use techniques such as IR coating, MRF, single point diamond turning to fabricate optics for commercial and military imaging applications....

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Executive Interview - Gooch & Housego

CEO Mark Webster discusses repositioning the company to provide resilience to changes in demand from the manufacturing industry and reviews actions taken to move up the...

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Two Queen’s Awards in One Year

To gain one Queen’s Award is impressive; for Gooch & Housego companies to gain two in one year is an astounding achievement. This year in April,...

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Fostering the Talent of Tomorrow

It is always great when as a company we can give back a little to the communities we are based in. At our Torquay facility we...

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Next Generation OCT Systems for Glaucoma Diagnosis

UK-based Gooch & Housego has announced the start of work on the GALAHAD (Glaucoma – Advanced, Label-free High Resolution Automated OCT Diagnosis) project. The project, inaugurated...

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Acousto-optic (AO) technology enables the characterization of Mars atmosphere

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars programme aims to analyse the Martian environment and provide answers on the possibility of life on Mars.A key part of...

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