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G&H Barle 25mm SWIR lenses

VIS-SWIR Lens Assemblies

G&H engineers precision SWIR and VIS-SWIR assemblies for demanding applications in commercial and military aerospace, defense, industry, life sciences, and scientific research.
We have developed custom bonded multi-element optical components, athermalized designs, mounted optical assemblies, and modules with integrated electronics.
4_SWIR_Lens_Diagram Our lens modules are specifically optimized for operation at visible and/or SWIR wavelengths and leveraging the benefits of the new, larger InGaAs detector offerings. Considered selection of lens system parameters, materials, and coatings improve resolution, accuracy, and exposure limits; criteria which are critical in low light situations.
Our custom products are designed for purpose, and can be optimized for use at visible through long-wave infrared (LWIR) wavelengths, as per application requirements.
Custom and standard lens assemblies are designed for manufacture, using optical and mechanical modelling to optimize performance within known manufacturing limits, and to ensure a consistently high level of product quality.

Optimized VIS-SWIR Standard Lens Designs

G&H have developed a series of athermalized, high precision lens systems for a wide variety of short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging applications. The lens design, material selection, and coatings for each lens are optimized for high resolution, high signal to noise, and high performance in low light conditions.
4_SWIR_Lens_Header The Barle lens is optimized for InGaAs camera applications. The large field of view is designed to work with the latest InGaAs detection systems.
The Avill high resolution VIS-SWIR lens is optimized for short focal length applications and a wider spectral range than the Barle.

Standard Lens Products

Product FamilyProduct CodeWavelengthFocal LengthIris RangeClear ApertureField of ViewFocusing Range
RD3346550 -1700 nm12.5 mmF1.8 -F1668°0.7 -infinity

Custom Lens Assemblies for VIS to LWIR applications

G&H design and develop custom lens assemblies for a wide variety of custom applications. Designs developed by G&H include: GH_PI_PO_SWIR_Avill
  • Custom bonded multi-element optical components
  • Focusing rings
  • Mounted optical assemblies
  • Modules with integrated electronics for use at visible through long-wave infrared (LWIR) wavelengths.
We provide stringent controls and documentation required for military and defense applications, working between multiple facilities to meet export legislation requirements, and quality requirements (ISO 9001, AS9100C, ITAR) on multi-decade programs.


Hyperspectral imaging, optical coherence tomography, machine vision inspection, SWIR imaging, range finding and designating, reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting, thermal imaging, visible imaging
SpecificationsCustom Lens Assemblies
Lens Complexity·  From singlets in a housing to large diameter zoom lenses
MaterialsMaterial selection optimized for application:
·  Wavelength range (UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, LWIR, FIR)
·  Zoom
·  Weight
Coatings·  Optimized for the sensor and design criteria
·  Narrowband or broadband across the UV -- VIS – FIR spectrum
Design Origins·  Build-to-print to customer design
·  G&H in-house design to customer application specifications
Metrology·  Single elements
-    Transmitted wavefront distortion
-    Surface quality
-    Transmission
·  Assemblies
-    MTF
Especially optimized for·  Abrasive environments
·  High long-term stability
·  Athermalization for operating temperature range