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G&H precision optics
G&H precision optics

The purchase of Spanoptic Ltd in October indicates an important extension to Gooch & Housego’s Precision Optic capabilities.

G&H Precision Optics manufacturing in Ilminster, UK and Moorpark, California has for many years provided extensive research, design, engineering and production of a range of products including complex optical assemblies, mirror Substrates, ring laser gyroscope optics, solid etalons, X-ray and synchrotron optics in addition to extensive coating, glass engineering and polishing (including superpolishing) facilities.

With the purchase of Spanoptic, our Precision Optic capabilities now extend to include Aspheres and IR optics (including Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) and IR coating) and magnetorheological finishing. This capability is highly complementary to G&H’s predominantly planar optics business and enhances the company’s ability to provide complete sub-system solutions to its customers in line with its strategic objectives. Spanoptic’s capabilities in infrared optics and coatings are particularly relevant to G&H’s activities in the Aerospace & Defense sector.

The company was founded in 1976, employs 60 people in a 1000 ft² / 90m² facility in Glenrothes, Scotland – just north of the Firth of Forth and 30 miles from Edinburgh.

In recent years Spanoptic has invested heavily in state-of-the-art optical manufacturing, metrology and thin-film coating equipment. These investments have enabled Spanoptic to produce optical components at the upper end of the quality and precision scale while maintaining highly competitive pricing. As a result, Spanoptic has been able to win business and develop strong, mainly European customer relationships across a broad range of applications including analytical instrumentation, optical sensing, security, imaging, life sciences and aerospace & defense. Spanoptic’s competitive advantage is further enhanced by the strategic alliance that it has with a far eastern manufacturer of precision optics, opto-mechanics and instrumentation, enabling it to offer a broader range of products and services than would otherwise have been possible. This alliance will continue under G&H ownership.

Further Precision Optics news from G&H; Jonathan Ironside-Smith was appointed in October to the position of Precision Optics Product Manager. Jonathan works out of G&H (UK) Ltd in Ilminster and will be responsible for managing the Precision Optics product line for both UK facilities. Jonathan joins the company with experience in non-contact metrology product management. Johnie can be contacted here or at G&H (UK) on +44 1460 256440.