OCT Components and Systems

Gooch & Housego researches, designs and manufactures high quality optical components and optical sub-systems for the biomedical imaging market with manufacturing bases in the UK and the USA. We are proud of our track record in providing OCT components and systems critical to medical imaging systems fabricators.

G&H is the perfect partner, providing innovative high-tech optical solutions, whether your requirement is for low volume, prototype units, or for higher volume OEM manufacturing supply.

Product Portfolio

Our current biomedical imaging product portfolio includes:

  • Wideband fiber couplers (850 nm, 1060 nm and 1300 nm)
  • Fiber interferometers
  • High specification fiber collimators
  • Optical delay lines
  • Fiber-coupled acousto-optic frequency shifters
  • Spectrometers
  • Fiber switching circuits
  • Stepped fiber assemblies
  • Fiber based ASE sources
  • Full optical head assembly

Delay Line

G&H Small Form Factor Delay Line
G&H Small Form Factor Delay Line

The G&H variable optical delay line provides fast and accurate optical path length change in a compact housing. Based on a point-and-return architecture with a customizable chassis that can be adapted to incorporate additional optical components, the unit is designed to be easily incorporated into any modular optical coherence tomography (OCT) system architecture. Optical interface is through single fixed fiber pigtail which can be specified to any length and terminated with all commonly used optical connectors.

OCT Couplers and EWOC

Fiber Optic Couplerr
OCT Coupler

Fiber optic couplers are used in the optical coherence tomography (OCT) light engine to form the interferometer that OCT systems use to generate depth information. The G&H EWOC (Extreme Wideband OCT Coupler) has been developed to provide market leading performance for use in high resolution OCT imaging systems employing next generation wideband Wavelength-Swept sources.

The EWOC (Extreme Wideband OCT Coupler) splits over an extended bandwidth and can be ordered to operate at any of the popular OCT wavelength bands (850nm, 1060nm and 1310nm).

Designed for low loss and extended bandwidth operation, the coupler utilizes G&H’s proprietary fused fiber technology.


FIber Optic Collimator
FIber Optic Collimator

G&H offers a range of non-contact style, single mode, fiber collimators incorporating achromatic lenses. Anti-reflection coatings are employed to minimize back reflections. G&H’s proprietary alignment and assembly processes produce a beam having low pointing error that is stable over a wide range of environmental conditions.

Our OCT fiber collimators are manufactured to high opto-mechanical tolerances to enable simple incorporation into production line processes.

Wideband OCT Couplers


Fiber optic couplers are used in the OCT light engine to form the interferometer that OCT systems use to generate depth information. A coupler with low wavelength dependence allows the system to operate over a wide wavelength range which increases depth resolution.

The G&H OCT Wideband Coupler splits over a wide bandwidth at the popular OCT wavelength bands of 850nm, 1060nm and 1300nm.

Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter (AOFS)

Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter
Acousto-Optic Frequency Shifter

A compact acousto-optic frequency shifter featuring low power 0.5W 40MHz supply requirement and high diffraction efficiency, this device is ideal for use in heterodyne interferometric systems, particularly laser Doppler velocimetry and has been designed to facilitate double pass configuration



Advanced Modules Integration

G&H custom FO module
G&H custom FO module

Our custom modules are assemblies of passive and/or active optical components designed to provide a required functionality.  They enable customers to stay focused on their core competence whilst reducing time to market and development costs.