G&H High Rel FO Components for oil and gas.

Gooch & Housego’s expertise serves a number of industrial markets. These include:

Industrial Lasers for materials processing applications. We design and manufacture acousto-optic, electro-optic and fiber optic products. The end users for industrial lasers are extensive due to the ubiquitous adoption of this technology in manufacturing. The microelectronics industry represents the largest end market.

LED and Display testing for commercial and industrial applications in the lighting, automotive and consumer electronics sectors as well as for Aerospace & Defense. We provide test and measurement instrumentation and calibration standards.

Metrology for laser-based, high-precision, non-contact measurement systems. The company principally supplies its precision optics and acousto-optics into this market, where its customers are typically blue-chip OEMs.

Semiconductor for lithography and test and measurement applications. The products supplied into this market are precision optics and acousto-optics. Customers are typically global semi-conductor equipment manufacturers. This market is closely aligned to the micro-electronics industry.

Sensing for applications including strain, temperature and pressure sensing. We supply fiber optic and acousto-optic components and sub-assemblies. Manufacturers of these systems address diverse end markets such as wind energy and oil and gas.

Telecommunications specifically for high reliability and high performance applications. The products we serve to this market are based upon the Group’s fiber optic, crystal growth and precision optics technologies. The end users of these products are typically global telecommunication systems companies for applications such as undersea telecommunication networks and tuneable lasers.