Space Heritage

Space Heritage
Gooch & Housego is a leading supplier of ultra-high reliability photonic components, modules and sub-assemblies suitable for space flight environments. G&H offers world class design, development and manufacturing expertise across a broad complementary range of technologies: precision optics, fiber optics, electro-optics, photonic packaging and system integration. In addition to commercial satellite systems, G&H flight hardware has been successfully deployed in innovative space demonstration missions by NASA and ESA.

 Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity  (SMOS) Earth Explorer ESA G&H passive fiber-optic modules
 Materials International Space  Station Experiment (MISSE) NASA G&H opto-electronic modules
 Laser Communications Relay  Demonstration (LCRD) NASA G&H opto-electronic and passive  fiber-optic modules
 Mars Curiosity NASA G&H precision optics
 Lisa Pathfinder ESA/NASA G&H acousto-optic modules
 Active Sensing of CO2  Emissions over Days, Nights  and Seasons (ASCENDS) NASA G&H optoelectronic modules
 Hayabusa 2 JAXA G&H acousto-optic modules
 PROBA-III ESA G&H precision optics
 Interface Region Imaging  Spectrograph (IRIS) NASA G&H precision optics
 ExoMars ESA G&H acousto-optic modules
 German orbital servicing  mission (DEOS) DLR G&H opto-electronic modules