Quality Assurance

The G&H Quality function incorporates site based quality management, compliance activities, process and tools and continuous improvement.

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Customization Capabilities

Our engineers work closely with our customers to recommend or design the appropriate solution.

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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense Photonics

Defense and avionics markets have been important drivers for our investment in operational quality and program management. As the defense sector focuses hard on real value and sustaining its wide array of platforms G&H sees strong opportunities for photonics as a superior replacement for many existing technologies.

We are strongly engaged with developing and qualifying the fiber optic and semiconductor laser technology originally developed for telecom for defense applications where the benefits of reliability, small size and lower cost of ownership are compelling. We believe space photonics will revolutionize satellite communication.

G&H has multiple programs in both the USA and the UK working closely with leading defense suppliers to develop the next generation of components and systems for their applications. The products supplied into this market are based upon our fiber optic and precision optics technologies.

Products and Applications

Opto-pyrotechnics sub assemblies for space ignition systems. G&H navigation and opto-pyrotechnic components are used in a variety of end markets, including civil and military aircraft, missiles, satellites and space exploration. The end customers are US and European avionic, defense and space organisations. The company’s capability in supplying space qualified photonic systems positions it well to be a global leader in space photonics technology. The Systems Technology Group is instrumental in developing components and systems to meet the demands of the satellite and space exploration markets.

Target designation and range-finding used on both land-based and airborne systems. The products supplied into this market are based upon our precision optics and electro- optics technologies. Our customers are US and European defense contractors.

Countermeasures for ground based systems and airborne platforms. The products supplied into this market are based upon fiber optic, acousto-optic and nonlinear optics technologies. The customers are US and European defense contractors.