OL490-NUV Agile Light Source – multi application variable UV and visible light source

Gooch & Housego has recently introduced the OL490-NUV, a new UV range version of its popular OL490 Agile Light Source. The OL490-NUV is a unique digitally programmable spectral light source used in variety of application areas ranging from life sciences imaging to industrial testing of sensors. The OL490 Agile Light Source delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and power providing high speed programmable spectral illumination. For industrial sensor testing, the OL490 allows for the efficient generation of a variety artificial illuminant conditions where there are no natural alternative. The OL 490 can easily synthesize high resolution complex spectral features that enable simulation of custom filtered source, LEDs, luminaires, daylight, nocturnal light and ambient indoor lighting. Nearly any spectral shape, natural or synthetic, can be created. For instance, cameras can be tested for a variety of potential ambient color temperature operating conditions (i.e. 2856K, D65, illuminant A, B, C, etc…) which may be encountered and photovoltaic solar cell performance similarly characterized.

In the field of life sciences, the OL490 has been utilized as a versatile illumination source for bright-field and fluorescence microscopy as well as part of an innovative spectral imaging system by the University of Texas, Arlington. In the UT Arlington application, the visible and near-infrared (NIR) versions of the source are synchronized with high speed scientific cameras to capture hyperspectral images during surgical procedures and render explicit graphical information on oxygenation of internal organs with an update rate of 3 seconds, a capability which may in the near future aid surgeons in mitigating dangerous and costly complications. In color vision research, the OL 490 has become a popular tool for its unique ability to create heretofore impossible subject stimuli.

The OL490 utilizes Texas Instruments’ innovative Digital Light Processor (DLP) technology to offer a programmable and variable high intensity and high resolution spectral output. The OL 490 produces high resolution spectra via a flexible liquid light guide. High speed USB interface and easy to use software controls allow synthesis of complex optical filter systems and rapid spectral rates up to 10 kHz. Combined with highly precise spectra, adding the optional real-time spectrometer feedback can further increase the spectral matching to the target spectra. The OL490 is also available in the NIR wavelength range. G&H was recently awarded a patent for a system based on the OL490 for “Corrected Optical Spectral Responses for Photoelectric Devices”, US Patent No: 8,436,630.

This new version, OL490-NUV, was designed to address users requiring a variable source with emissions in the UV spectral range from 350nm to 650nm and created for use by a pioneering research organization in the medical sciences field. Alex Fong, Senior Vice-President of Life Sciences and Instrumentation for Gooch & Housego noted, “We are extremely excited about this latest development. Expansion of the OL 490 to address the lower range visible and UV range of the spectrum has the potential enable a wide range of applications including forensic science and the excitation of fluorophores with wavelengths in this range”.

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