New Website


The Gooch & Housego marketing department is pleased to release a number of critically important updates to our corporate website. These updates are designed to provide a significantly improved user experience, more accessible information, and a greater depth and breadth of content.

Employing the same Continuous Improvement Process which governs our design and manufacturing operations, we surveyed a range of stakeholders. We identified which features and functionality worked well, and which needed improvement. We created a team of specialists to implement an improved architecture, making it easier to find information – whether relating to products, jobs, capabilities, or investor reports. Further, the design is now cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to navigate.

The site now hosts a new section on G&H capabilities. These include:

  • An Overview of design and manufacturing for our core technologies – acousto-optics, crystal optics, electro-optics, fiber optics, and precision optics. We team with our customers to produce complex assemblies and subsystems. We also offer specialized photonic packaging for truly rugged environments.
  • In Business Capabilities, we explain our company structure, how we operate, needs we are able to meet, and principal market applications for our products. We are also excited to explain in more detail our move into Systems design, support, and manufacture.
  • In Product Development we outline how we are able to support customers not expert in photonics. Based on our application experience, we design, test, and manage the development and manufacture of customized products – for both existing and new applications.
  • Our approach to Quality Assurance is detailed with relevant certificates accessible.

With our new menu structure, product datasheets are now accessible in just two clicks from the homepage. In time we will publish application notes, white papers, and other added value materials in the redesigned product section.

We have also worked to improve illustrations to present a clearer impression of what the products actually look like and how they are manufactured. This is especially the case with Precision Optics, perhaps the most challenging range of products to illustrate.

“The website development we are launching in June 2015 meets the needs outlined in our user research study. The website improvements equip us to offer a more accurate and complete range of information to our customers, our research partners, our investors, and even to our own staff. It will enable enhanced communication, allowing more people from both the broader engineering community as well the photonics markets to find the information they need.”

Adrian Chance
G&H Marcomms Manager
16 June 2015