Gooch & Housego Companies

Gooch & Housego owns and operates optoelectronics research and development, design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and the USA.

Gooch & Housego Europe & Asia

Gooch & Housego PLC

Head Office
Dowlish Ford
TA19 0PF

Gooch & Housego (UK) Ltd

Manufacturer of Precision Optical and Acousto Optic components and systems.

Gooch & Housego (Torquay) Ltd

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components and Modules.

Kent Periscopes Limited

Manufacturer of periscopes and vehicle sights

Gooch & Housego (Deutschland) GmbH

Provides sales and administration support for Europe.

Gooch & Housego Japan KK

Business development and customer support for Japan.

Gooch & Housego USA

Gooch & Housego (Ohio) LLC

Manufacturer of Optical Crystals, Large Optics, Non Linear Optical Components and Electro Optic Components.

Gooch & Housego (California) LLC

Manufacturer of Ultra Precision Optical Components.

Gooch & Housego (Florida) LLC

Manufacturer of Acousto Optical Components and RF Electronic Devices.

Optronic Laboratories LLC (trading as Gooch & Housego, Orlando)

Manufacturer of Light Measurement Systems and Instrumentation.

EM4, Inc (trading as Gooch & Housego, Boston)

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Components.

Gooch & Housego (Palo Alto) LLC

Manufacturer of Acousto-Optic, Electro-Optic and Fiber Optic Components and Systems, and Oxide Single Crystal Materials for Optical Applications

StingRay Optics LLC

Specialist designer and manufacturer of high performance optical and opto-mechanical sub-systems for demanding defence and commercial applications


Holding Company Information
Gooch & Housego PLC

Registered office:

Dowlish Ford
TA19 0PF


Date of incorporation:1953
Country of incorporation:England
Registered number:526832
Financial year end:30 September
Listing date:12 December 1997