Growing our business – investing in people

The past 12 months have been a time of growth at Gooch & Housego. Seeking talented individuals whose experience adds to G&H’s supports this growth is a priority. We have invested in several areas of the business over this time; notably continuous improvement, compliance and quality assurance, engineering, product management, R&D, human resources, general management and sales.

Here are just some of the G&H team who have joined us since the summer:

Geoff Henderson, VP R&D – G&H (Torquay)VP R&D Gooch & Housego (Torquay)

Geoff joined Gooch & Housego in August 2015. He brings a wealth of experience gained from key roles within BAE Systems and allied companies in roles as varied as Engineering Director, Programme Director, Head of Business, site General Manager.

Geoff has a passion for good, appropriately sized new product development processes and techniques including Agile, Scaled Agile, Phase Gates, Lean Development and Critical Chain Project Management. He has extensive experience developing technology and products for the medical, consumer durable, automotive, aerospace and defence markets. Geoff obtained his BSc in Electronics and Master of Engineering from the University of Bath. He is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and has a Diploma in Company Direction

Andrzej Sosna, General Manager – G&H (Glenrothes)

Andrzej joined us in October 2015. With an MSc in Applied Optics from Imperial College. He has had a distinguished career in photonics and then in electronics, initially in sales and more recently in senior management in the Tannoy Group. Andrzej is a native of Fife, the region of which Glenrothes is a part, and is excited about returning to his roots and to photonics.


Jim Zolinski, General Manager – G&H (Ohio), Cleveland Jim Zolinksi, General Manager, Gooch & Housego (Ohio)

Jim started with us in October 2015. He brings over 35 years of aerospace & defense, automotive, instrumentation and medical manufacturing experience, managing multiple facilities, most recently with Esterline Defense Technologies. Jim has also led sales, marketing and business development efforts growing organizations successfully leading to customer partnerships. Jim’s background in Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement and employee development fits directly with our organizational development strategy.


Nick Green, Operations Director – G&H (UK), Ilminster Nick Green, Production Director, Gooch & Housego (UK)

Nick Green started as operations director at our Ilminster plant in November. He has 30 years manufacturing experience, latterly with Emerson Electric Industrial Automation. Nick has a strong pedigree in Lean manufacturing and has a strong commitment to delivering operational delivery performance and efficiency.



Andy Shipton, Precision Optics A&D Product Manager – G&H (UK), Ilminster Andy Shipton, PO Product Manager, Gooch & Housego (UK)

Andy joined us as aerospace and precision optics product manager in July 2015. He has a career background in opto-mechanical / electronic system integration for major international defense projects with Thales and Avimo.



Pete Kean, Senior Optical Systems Engineer – Systems Technology Group (STG), G&H (Torquay) Pete Kean, Senior Photonics Engineer, Gooch & Housego (STG)

Pete joined us in November 2015. He worked on diode-pumped solid state lasers and nonlinear frequency conversion at the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL) based within the University of Central Florida. He has experience across both academic and industrial sectors, working in telecoms (Aston University & Nortel), fiber optic sensing and latterly, within the defence industry on military–grade laser range-finders. He is currently working with the STG on optical coherence tomography (OCT) components and looking forward to helping grow the business by bringing new products to the market. Pete has a PhD in the field of ultrashort pulse lasers from St Andrews University, Scotland.


Charlotte Gonsalves, Optical Systems Engineer – G&H (Torquay) Charlotte Gonsalves, Photonics Engineer, Gooch & Housego (Torquay)

Charlotte started with us in September. She has a Bsc in Physics and three years’ experience as a design and development engineer at Renishaw working with encoders and raman spectrometers. Charlotte is keen apply her skills to developing G&H’s laser based, packaged optical systems



Katherine O’Connor, Fiber Optic Engineer – G&H (Boston) Katherine O'Conor, Photonics Engineer, Gooch & Housego (Boston)

Katherine joined G&H (Boston) in October 2015 as a fiber optic engineer after graduating with a BS from MIT in 2014, where she studied robotics. She is dedicated to applying her knowledge of cutting-edge automation techniques to modernize and to improve our manufacturing processes.