Gooch & Housego announces delivery of large aperture Pockels Cells to AWE

Gooch & Housego has delivered 12 large aperture TX5065 Pockels Cells, each having a clear aperture of 49.5mm, to Orion, a multi-beam laser research facility for high energy density physics experiments at AWE in Aldermaston, UK. G&H is uniquely positioned to grow, fabricate, finish, and assemble into housings KD*P crystals in the sizes required for such a sizeable beam diameter.

G&H  TX series large-aperture Pockels cells have also been installed in a number of Petawatt lasers to protect the beam line from back-reflections. Other large scale laser facilities,include but are not limited to fusion research. The TX series is available in apertures up to 99mm.

TX Series KD*P Pockels Cells are the most advanced large aperture optical isolators commercially available and are proven performers in high power applications. Gooch & Housego is the leading producer of Pockels Cells for the development of laser induced nuclear fusion and sub-micron microlithography. Nearly 300 units are in use worldwide – more than twice the total from all other manufacturers combined. For more information on G&H large aperture Pockels Cells, please refer to our technical notes, accessible from the Electro-Optics area of the G&H website.