G&H presents 2µm Fiber Optic components

Fiber lasers operating at 2μm are increasingly being used in a diverse range of applications: research, medical diagnostics, sensing, and material processing. G&H produce a variety of fiber optic components designed for these Thulium or Holmium doped fiber lasers. Components include Fiber Coupled AOMs, fused fiber couplers and high power pump combiners.

Components for 2μm operation include:

  • Fiber Coupled AOM (Fiber-Q), single mode and polarization maintaining
  • Multimode combiners with signal feedthrough, 2+1×1 and 6+1×1, single mode and polarization maintaining
  • Fused fiber tap couplers and WDMs, single mode and polarization maintaining

The product manager for fiber optics, Toby Reid, said “Our wide range of 2μm components further strengthens G&H’s position as a natural partner for fiber laser manufactures. G&H’s expertise in the fields of both fiber optics and acousto optics provides reassurance to customers starting to work in this new, longer, wavelength band.”

The 2μm Fiber Coupled AOM extends the successful Fiber-Q range. Similarly G&H’s long established range of reliable fused fiber components now operate up to wavelengths of 2.2μm. For further information please see the product page or contact G&H Sales.