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Temperature-Stable Lithium Niobate Q-switch

Dr. Dieter Jundt, VP Research and Development Gooch & Housego offers temperature-stable electro-optic Q-switches for operation over a wide range of temperatures. Our devices solve the problem...

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Three new patents for G&H

Dr. Murray Reed, CTO We are pleased to announce that G&H was awarded three new patents for novel photonic applications and devices in the course of 2013. All...

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AOTF Spectral Imaging for Cancer Detection

Alex Fong, VP, Life Sciences High throughput screening of multiply stained clinical pathology samples is currently a difficult and laborious task requiring expert review. In examining a...

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Precision Optics News

The purchase of Spanoptic Ltd in October indicates an important extension to Gooch & Housego’s Precision Optic capabilities. G&H Precision Optics manufacturing in Ilminster, UK and Moorpark,...

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MINERVA - MId-to-NEaR infrared spectroscopy for improVed medical diAgnostics

Image of prostate tissue using mid-IR. [Courtesy of University of Exeter] MINERVA is a European Commission funded project that aims to develop photonic technology in the mid-IR...

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New High Temperature Acousto-optic Devices

Late last year, G&H (UK) Acousto-Optic Product Manager Rob Swain received a request from a global equipment and service provider for us to build an AO...

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New EM750 Narrow-Linewidth Semiconductor Laser

The Gooch & Housego EM750 represents a new generation of OEM narrow-linewidth lasers. It is based on the EM650 family of integrated DFB lasers known for...

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LIFT - Leadership In Fiber Laser Technology - concludes with a review of its successes

LIFT - Leadership In Fiber Laser Technology - is a collaborative project which had its final and successful review in September after four years of ground breaking...

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