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New website showcases Light Measurement Solutions Portfolio for Industrial and R&D Applications

Alex Fong, SVP Instrumentation To showcase this exciting line of solutions, G&H has recently launched a website dedicated to light measurement instrumentation. This new dedicated site is...

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AOTFs in Asteroid Exploration

Dr. Jon Ward, Principal Scientist Earlier this month Hayabusa2 asteroid exploration mission (funded by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched on a six year mission to...

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Q-Drive – G&H’s Electro-Optic Pockel Cell Driver

Brent Gross and Phil Marlowe, G&H (Ohio) Gooch & Housego's Q-Drive spearheads our development effort to provide a family of Electro-Optical (EO) Pockels cell drivers engineered for...

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White LED-based Integrating Sphere Offers Superior Luminance Calibration of Imaging Sensors

Alex Fong, G&H (Orlando) The light measurement instrumentation and imaging detector industry relies heavily upon conventional single line spectrum and continuous sources. Typically incandescent, they provide only...

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BEACON – Photonics for Telecom Satellites

Dr. Efstratios Kehayas, G&H Systems Technology Group Constelex Technology Enablers, the recent acquisition by Gooch & Housego and now part of the Systems Technology Group, coordinates BEACON,...

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AOTFs in space

Gooch & Housego has over many years built a strong reputation for the design of innovative acousto-optic devices, including Tunable Filters (AOTFs) . Adherence to rigorous quality-control...

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Visible Wavelength fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator for biomedical applications

The Gooch & Housego Fiber-Q is a range of fiber coupled acousto-optic modulator products. Following receipt earlier this year of an inquiry from a large Japanese...

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G&H receives NASA Certificate of Appreciation for IRIS spectrograph reflective optics

G&H are pleased to be recognized by NASA with a Certification of Appreciation for delivering reflective optics for the IRIS spectrograph both, on time and meeting...

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G&H target telecom technology for space

Paul Hosking, Sr. Optical Systems Engineer Satellite operators are looking for innovative solutions to allow high data rate downloads without violating the resource constraints on micro-satellites. This...

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