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LighTimes: Zhaga Consortium Signs Liaison Agreement with Global Lighting Association

19 Jun 2013

SSLDesign News Staff

June 18, 2013…The Zhaga Consortium has signed a liaison agreement with the Global Lighting Association (GLA), a grouping of national and regional lighting associations that together represent over 5,000 lighting manufacturers and US$50 billion in annual sales. The Zhaga Consortium is an international group of companies that is developing interface specifications for LED light source so LED light sources from different suppliers can be interchangeable among manufacturers.

Both organizations believe that interchangeable LED light engines will lead to a wider choice of suppliers of compatible components, lower R&D costs for luminaire makers, and reduced risk concerning the availability of replacement parts.

“The lighting industry operates on a global scale, and the specifications being developed by Zhaga are for global use,” said Menno Treffers, secretary-general of the Zhaga Consortium. “It is very important for Zhaga to be able to share the results of its work throughout the international lighting community, and the liaison with GLA provides a clear route to achieve this goal.”

Under the agreement the two organizations will cooperate to make the lighting industry aware of the advantages and benefits offered by interchangeable LED light sources. Also as part of the agreement, Zhaga will provide GLA with regular updates on the activities and progress made by Zhaga. In turn, GLA will pass this information to its members and offer feedback to Zhaga.