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LighTimes: New York City to Retrofit 250,000 LED Street Lights

01 Nov 2013

October 29, 2013…New York City plans to change 250,000 of its street lights to LED street lights. The enormous retrofit project is expected to be completed by 2017. It is part of the city’s climate change program to cut the greenhouse gas emission of New York by 30 percent in 2017.

Once completed the LED street lighting is expected to save around $14 million per year in electricity, maintenance and relamping costs. The LED street lights are expected to save about $6 million of electricity bills a year and about 248 000 kWh a year in energy. The LED street lights are expected to light up for 20 years compared to the current street lights that have a lifespan of about 6 years. LED bulbs will also require less maintenance therefore reducing the city’s expense by $8 million per year.

The city has been testing LED lighting solutions for some time including a Philips Luxeon LED street light installation in the city’s Garment district. The city has already transitioned some street lights to LED street lights. When completed, this project will be the biggest street lights retrofitting project in the country, significantly larger than Los Angeles’ street lights project. There is no word yet on what company or companies will win the supply contracts.

“Using LEDs for street lighting is more than just a bright idea, it’s a necessity for sustainable cities to operate more efficiently while also delivering clearer, better quality light for New Yorkers,” says NYC Transportation Commissioner Sadik-Khan.