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LighTimes: EPA Issues Letter Outlining Proposed Changes to Clarify Energy Star V1.1 Lamp Requirements

30 Jul 2014

July 24, 2014…The US. Environmental Protection Agency issued another letter outlining proposed changes to the Energy Star Lamps specification. The proposed changes will be used in the transition from V1.0 to V1.1. The EPA also released an excel spreadsheet that calculates center beam candle power (CBCP).

The letter added to lamps that will not be Energy Star listed. The primary reason for the latest exclusion is that the consumer could misconstrue the light distribution and energy efficiency of lamps that look much like omnidirectional A-lamps. For this reason, the EPA will not recognize G18.5 and G19 lamps that do not provide omnidirectional beam distribution.

The EPA also added specific exclusion of lamps with diameters of 41mm to 78mm (which are similar to A-lamps), with the exception of G16.5 and G25-based lamps. The EPA also detailed what was acceptable or not in terms of length to diameter ratio of the lamps. The EPA is seeking more feedback on the added specifications by august 6th. Details including how to comment are available on theĀ Energy Star Lamps website.