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LighTimes: Direct-Lit LED TV Makers Switching to Higher Wattage LEDs

19 Jun 2013

June 18, 2013…South Korea-based TV makers hope LED packaging houses can increase the wattage of packaged LEDs. The TV makers want to further reduce the cost of direct-lit LED TVs by using fewer LED chips in backlight modules. Specifically the TV manufacturers want the packagers to increase the wattage of the packaging to 1.2W per chip, according to a Digitimes article. This means the number of LED chips used in a 32-inch TV model can be reduced from 24 to 15. However, the high wattage requested by customers increases the entry barrier for LED packaging houses.

Digitimes reports that currently, only a few packaging houses in Taiwan that have been maintaining 90% capacity utilization rates, and the switch to higher wattage LEDs is expected to stimulate a market shuffle.

Part of the desire to have use fewer LEDs comes from the fact that lenses of direct-lit LED TVs accounts for a relatively large percentage of costs. So fewer LED chips means fewer needed lenses. In addition to Taiwan LED firms, China-based LED firms have also been aggressive in developing high wattage LED components. Competition is expected to rise.