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LighTimes: CEA-Leti Wins Avantex Innovation Prize for Electronics Packaging Technology that Can Be Incorporated into Textiles

19 Jun 2013

June 13, 2013…CEA-Leti, a company based in Grenoble, France, announced that two of its researchers received the Avantex Innovation Prize in the New Materials category of for the use of the company’s E-Thread technology in textiles. CEA-Leti’s researchers, Dominique Vicard and Jean Brun won the award for work in developing the E-Thread technology. The Avantex Innovation Prize was presented during the award ceremony at the opening of the Techtextil and Avantex Symposia in Frankfurt, Germany on June 10th. According to Avantex, the “innovation awards go to outstanding achievements in research, new materials, products, technologies and applications.”

Leti’s E-Thread® is a unique microelectronic packaging technology that has the potential of incorporating LEDs, RFIDs, or Sensors in textiles and plastics. E-Thread® allows for a direct connection of a chip to a set of two conductors. These two conductors can provide the functions of antenna, power and/or data bus. The company claims that this allows a 10x improvement in size, assembly time, and reliability compared to classic microelectronic packaging. According to Leti, the E-Thread® assembly can also be incorporated inside a yarn and used by the textile and plastic industries using standard production tools.

The Avantex jury stated that, “…electronics integrated in textiles during the textile processing and not simply by adding the components in a last step will be a significant step forward.” The jury also said the prize was awarded for “this development, as it shows that research and development is also for the textile industry of vital importance and that it can lead to the creation of new companies.”

E-Thread® is one of the technologies used within the European FP7 PASTA project (Platform for Advanced Smart Textile Application), and is the key technology asset of the Primo1D startup company, that will be created by Leti during the second half of 2013.

Vicard previously won a 40,000-euro startup award from OSEO, the French organization committed to supporting entrepreneurship, for proposing embedding electronic functions in textile yarns using the E-Thread® technology. Samples of E-Thread® will be on display during the symposia, Hall 3.1, stand B11.