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LighTimes: About 25% of LED Chips Expected to be Used in Lighting in 2013

12 Dec 2013

December 12, 2013…A Digitimes article sited Taiwan-based LED makers who said that the proportion of LED chips used in LED lighting will increase from 20% in 2012 to about 25% in 2013. The Taiwan LED makers predicted that the average luminous efficiency of LED bulbs reached about 77 lm/W in 2013. The average efficiency is expected to increase to 110 lm/W i in 2017.

However an even bigger change in the cost per lumen is expected to occur much sooner, the Taiwan LED makers noted. The average lumen-price ratio will be about 42lm/US$ for 2013 and increase to about 60lm/US$ in 2014, the LED makers said. The number of LED bulb shipments globally is also expected to jump 84 percent to to 1.254 billion units in 2014. The LED makers expect this to account for 9.7% of all lighting products.