Acousto-Optic Modulators for CO2 Laser Systems

Acousto-optic modulator (AOMs)

Gooch & Housego will be launching new range of acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) and RF drivers for CO2 lasers at Laser, World of Photonics, Munich, 22-25 June 2015.

Standard products will be available for 9.4 μm and 10.6 μm wavelengths, with a range of apertures up to 9.6 mm. With good beam quality and optical power handling exceeding 15 W/mm2, we aim to enhance performance for the most demanding applications.

Single and dual frequency RF driver solutions have also been developed specifically to optimize for these new acousto-optic modulators. As always, we welcome opportunities to design custom solutions for OEM customers.

In addition to market research, G&H engaged with a number of key OEMs in various applications to establish a comprehensive understanding of the necessary technical requirements. Pooling our internal knowledge across multiple sites, along with additional investment in testing capabilities, we worked closely with our OEMs to provide real-world application performance feedback through an iterative development process. For more detail on this approach, please see our acousto-optic modulators section.

We combined optimally specified single-crystal Germanium, high quality optical finishing, robust anti-reflection coating, and high reliability transducer bonding with novel acoustic management and opto-mechanical design techniques. Our new CO2 acousto-optic modulators demonstrate exceptional thermal management, high RF power handling, optical transmission, and diffraction efficiency.

Recognizing the needs and expectations of our customers, many of whom are leaders in their own respective fields, we have completed a rigorous Design Verification Test plan. This included testing to temperature extremes, temperature cycling, vibration, shock, damp heat, and operational endurance.

CO2 laser applications employing acousto-optic modulators include:

  • PCB via drilling
  • Display panel processing
  • Engraving / flexography
  • Micro-perforation
  • Marking (including specialty materials)
  • Q-switching

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those customers and stakeholders who have supported us with their time, effort, and valuable feedback.

For more information please regarding this and other G&H’s acousto-optics products, please visit our acousto-optics product page or contact