Quality Assurance


Quality Philosophy

Gooch & Housego’s business interests span a wide range of ever increasing markets with products that are constantly evolving in terms of complexity and performance. Our commitment to quality and continual improvement is key in ensuring we are able to position ourselves as a market leader within these markets.

The Quality function is structured as a global organization that incorporates; site based quality management, compliance activities, process and tools and continuous improvement. These activities complement each other with the aim of ensuring; integrity throughout the product life cycle, regulatory / legislative compliance throughout our business along with continuous improvement processes and tools being deployed in a consistent manner in support of becoming a LEAN Enterprise.


Management System Certifications

Over recent years G&H has strengthened its business systems across all its locations, with the last location becoming ISO9001 certified in 2013.

In support of our diversification into the Aerospace & Defense markets, certified to AS9100 has and continues to be a focus for those locations involved in that market.

We remain committed to widening its realms of compliance activities. Ensuring that our world leading capabilities are underpinned and working practices are standardized in support of future integration.

We have embarked upon an extensive program of work with regards to attaining both the ISO18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management and ISO14001 – Environmental Management System across all its locations.

In addition, we are completing final stages of preparation to commence ISO/IEC 17025 – Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories in our Orlando location.

The current and future certification plans by location are summarized below:-

G&H Location ISO9001 QMS  Date AS9100C
Date ISO17025 Calibration ISO18001 H&S Date ISO14001 Environ
Torquay – UK 1991 T 2016 NA TB 2017 T 2018
Ilminster- UK 1994 √(*) 2012 NA TB 2017 T 2018
Glenrothes- UK √(**) 2006 T 2017 NA TB 2017 T 2018
Kent Periscope – UK 2007 NA NA TB 2018 T 2019
Moorpark – USA √(**) 2005 √(**) 2005 NA TB 2017 T 2018
Palo Alto – USA 2011 NA NA TB 2017 2012
Orlando – USA 2012 NA T TB 2017 T 2018
Boston – USA 2012 T 2016 NA TB 2017 T 2018
Cleveland – USA 2012 NA NA TB 2017 T 2018
StingRay Optics –    USA  2015  T  2019  NA TB  2018 T  2019


√ – Complete (where blue, click to view document)
T – Target dates
TB – Best Practise Target dates
NA – Not Applicable
(*) – Manufacturing only (Design covered by ISO9001)
(**) – Manufacturing only