$98K Grant to Develop Lean Manufacturing at G&H (Boston)

We are proud to announce that our Boston facility has been awarded a grant to facilitate the extension of the Gooch & Housego Lean Six Sigma Capabilities.

Gooch & Housego (Boston) is one of two of our fiber optic manufacturing sites. The plant based in Bedford, MA specializes in producing active fiber optic components and modules and in laser welded photonic contract manufacturing. We have a strong track record of supplying photonics for performance in harsh environments. G&H fiber optics from Boston are commonly used in both military and space programs.

The grant of $98,300 was made by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on 8 December 2015 under the Workforce Training Fund Program*. The grant will specifically fund the expansion of G&H’s Lean Manufacturing program. Gooch & Housego Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a culture of “Everyone, Everyday” working to systematically drive customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Everyone, Everyday means that all employees are engaged at all times in the improvement process, design/deployment of tools and training to improve flow, reduce waste, and increase output and thus better meet if not exceed customer needs and expectations.

Our goals in this context are to achieve:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Lean Six Sigma will help us identify what the customer needs and utilize the information to improve the customer experience. Knowing their needs enables us to discover what they value and how satisfied they are with our ability to deliver that value.
  2. Added value:
    Everything we do (or at least everything we charge for) must add value in the eyes of your clients. Our two basic criteria:

    • The client has to care about it and be willing to pay for what we’ve done.
    • The action has to be done right the first time. The very first time.
  3. Elimination of waste and increase flow:
    Everything we do that does not satisfy the two value criteria amounts to waste and must be reduced or eliminated.
  4. Increased on-time delivery:
    Just in time (JIT) is not only a major principle of lean manufacturing, it is also one of our company’s main goals. The idea behind JIT is that parts are produced or moved only when needed and in the quantity required. The ideal just in time facility would carry zero finished goods and build them only when they are ordered. Of course this is not practical in most, if not all repetitive manufacturing facilities, as there are delivery time lines that need to be met and customer orders that will fluctuate from day-to-day.

G&H have partnered with Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership (GBMP), for this Journey. Their trainers all have over 23 years managerial experience as change agents. They have been trained by Toyota directly in the use of the Toyota Production Systems the creators of Lean philosophies and tools. GBMP will work side by side with our shop-floor team to tackle operational obstacles and deliver better value for our customers through the development of this Lean manufacturing initiative.

This is a very exciting time for G&H as we look forward to working with GBMP to expand our knowledge, cultivate a Lean culture, improve customer focus and have a clear path designed to achieve operational excellence. Randy Gibbs, VP of Continuous Improvement.

* This project is funded by a Workforce Training Fund grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.